Do-It-Yourself Marketing

Do-It-Yourself Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of do-it-yourself digital marketing tools to choose from, which create two challenges.

1. Choosing the best tools to use for your website marketing.

2. Keeping track of your website marketing subscriptions.

Pick the Perfect Tool For Your Needs

Each platform has a specific purpose that helps take your marketing to the next level.

Centralize your client relationship management in one of the most complete and easy-to-use CRMs on the market. 14-day free trial.            .

Curate, create, schedule, interact, and track all of your social media on one platform. You can start using this easy to use interface in 30 minutes.

DIY SEO without learning SEO. Optimize your search rankings and local SEO on one platform. Free setup and 14-day trial.

A better WordPress hosting solution. No hosting company takes care of your WordPress website like Buzzworthy with Buzzhost!

Take your marketing from meh to marvelous. Give your email and digital marketing a glow up with our easy-to-use tools.

Automate reputation management and get clients to leave more online reviews where you need them most. Free set-up and training.

Not sure which tool to start with?

The Rule of 26 is the path to doubling your website revenue.

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Denise Griffitts

“Digital Marketing is not for the faint of heart… The Rule of 26 is a force multiplier for successful businesses. The Rule of 26 provides a clear target for business owners to aim for and his three-step process offers a practical roadmap for achieving this goal.”

Mark Grainger

“Because of his commitment to consistent learning and professional improvement you are dealing with an authentic professional. He has wonderful ideas for improving your business and provides you with the necessary tools while freeing up your time to make money.”

Adam Wills

“I own a marketing agency and when Buzz told me he had cracked the code of website marketing success I almost dismissed him as another “guru” with hollow advice. Boy was I wrong! The concept of the Rule of 26 is so simple [and] it actually works!”

Kayley Hamilton

“Time is our most valuable asset and Michael Buzinski proves this by offering time-saving tools and doing so in this succinct [process]. I did not realize the simplistic steps it takes to literally DOUBLE your website revenue just by using The Rule of 26 … no fluff, concise steps, insider tips and priceless ideas that are full of so much value.”

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Mike Saunders

“Really great strategies that are relevant for today. Being able to build an online presence and capitalize on digital marketing is vital to growing your business and The Rule of 26 gives you the blueprint!”

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