We’ve built a suite of marketing services that is tailored to meet your company’s particular marketing objectives. Why choose Us?

1. Twenty-five years of proven results
You can count on over 25 years of experience of marketing for over 500 small and medium-sized businesses around the US.
2. Award winning thought leadership

Recognized by the American Marketing Association for thought leadership in integrated marketing strategies.

3. 100% ROI driven strategies

Everything we do with you is based on creating a return on investment. We never waste time working on Key Points of Interest that do not directly attribute positively to the bottom line.

4. Your campaign is built specifically for you

We believe your company is unique and thus your marketing campaign should be specially tailored to your specific needs.

5. Transparency is in our DNA

We provide full transparency with up to the minute dashboards and periodic reporting that include status reports spelled out in plain english.

6. No long term commitments

We believe our results should speak to how long you work with us. That’s why most program commitments are month-to-month and never longer than six months.

Our Digital Solutions

Below is a sampling of our digital marketing solutions that help our clients attract new business. If you are interested in seeing which tools would be most profitable for you, please contact us for a complimentary digital presence analysis and consultation.

Reputation Management

On the Internet, your reputation is everything. Our reputation management helps you take advantage of when your brand is mentioned on the Internet.

Organic Ranking

Search Engine Optimization puts you in front of people actively looking for your specific product or service. We have DIY and ‘done for you’ tools to help.

Listings Optimization

Your company can be listed on hundreds of listing and directory sites across the Internet. We ensure each stay accurate and relevant.

Google Adwords

The first thing that shows on any Google search results page is a Google ad. This ‘done for you’ tool ensures you rank for the highest profitable terms.

Social Media

From finding the best platforms to ‘done for you’ content creation and engagement management tools we are as little or as much of the process as you need.

Digital Engagement

Make sure the new visitors you are driving to your website become clients by optimizing your site flow and content, compelling visitors to take action.

Website Development

An engaging website is the keystone to any successful marketing campaign. We can upgrade your current site or build one tailored to your needs. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is dubbed the most profitable form of digital marketing by many marketing professionals with up to 3200% ROI. Let us show you how.

Digital Advertising

We have integrated marketing tools and networks that ensure you only spend money attracting your perfect client. Find your niche within your budget.

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Four of many case studies from profitable campaigns:

Owning a franchise can present interesting marketing challenges; especially when the digital presence is bound by a national website. This client came to us looking for a strategy that would allow them to stand out among the national site in their market. Since they weren’t the only outlet for their brand, we had to create a digital presence that stood on its own without breaking with the the corporate communication plan.

Within one year of implementing our integrated marketing strategy, the client was getting calls from the national marketing office asking how the client’s landing page on the corporate site was out performing all others nationwide. Of course, our client kept us a secret and we continued to serve them until they retired and now we serve the successors that bought it.

– 600% increase in traffic and their corporate landing page out performed all others nationwide, by “a lot”

– Reduced bounce rate to under 10%

– Increased Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) by 400% the first year and then another 50% the second year



Client came to Buzzworthy in search of better ROI compared to previous vertical marketers claiming to be accounting firm specialists. As in any market, tax accounting is a very competitive vertical. The firm also wanted to increase revenue in the auditing sector and take advantage of new opportunities in working with cannabis businesses.

We immediately worked on their very slow performing website and then optimized it for their profitable organic and paid search terms.

– Transformed mobile usability and increased mobile from 0% to 79% of their traffic

– Double their organic search traffic from Google

– Placed an additional 200 keywords in profitable rankings

– Increased paid search conversions 300%


The medical field is one of the most competitive industries when it comes to digital marketing, let alone integrated marketing. Even more so, is the Chiropractor vertical within it. They not only compete with each other within theri market, but also with other specialists like accupuncurists, physical therapists, and sports medicine specialists.

This particular chiropractor was looking to scale his business after moving from the east coast to the north west coast. The lead doctor had over 20 years experience and offered a unique process to the market. Unfortunately, the process wasn’t well known, so it scaling had been difficult for them over the first few years in the new market. They also had to compete with a half a dozen other well established practices around town; some second generation offices.

– Optimized mass media buys to free up current funding so we could integrate digital marketing in the overall campaign

– Consistently delivered 5%+ click-through rates on digital pre-rolls.

– Increase organic search website traffic by 200%

– Streamlined social media video production and optimized campaign to reduce cost per click and increase social media engagement

– Practice went from two doctors to four and tripled their massage therapist staff within 24 months.

An early learning center with five locations and a 10 year track record was searching for new solutions when a flood of new competition came into their market. The traditionally relied on a small amount of TV and radio to attract new business. Unfortunately, the digital revolution had their target audience online more than TV.

Starting with an upgraded website that was fully mobile optimized, we were able to increase their engagement by over 60% and bring their bounce rate as low as 13%. We then slowly transitioned their traditional advertising to digital platforms.

– One of those platforms was a pre-roll campaign on an NBC affiliate website. We have garnered an average click-through rate over 300% above the national average for four years straight.

– Their Google Adwords campaign gets over 13% click-through rate on a consistent basis for their most profitable keyword terms.

– They rank in the top three for over 50 profitable Google search keywords and terms.


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